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n.1.The front of an army. [Obs.] See Van.
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Let us be the avant guard," said he to Porthos, "and find good quarters at Saint Germain; nobody will think of us, and for my part I am greatly fatigued.
and the Normans answering them with loud cries of ``En avant De Bracy
Mais, Francois, tu sais bien qu'il me serait impossible de me marier avant les vacances.
AVANT also intends to build a multi-location, nationwide network of regional BattleLabs, its state-of-the-art training and channel sales enablement centers for use by its ecosystem of partners.
Initially a nightclub manager, Avant spent the 1960s managing the likes of Lalo Schiffin and Jimmy Smith.
In May 2005, AVANT entered into an agreement whereby an affiliate of Paul Royalty Fund (PRF) purchased an interest in the net royalties AVANT will receive on worldwide sales of Rotarix.
According to Avant research, producers are interested in lower input costs, but only second to product quality and reliability.
It's also a chance for Avant, born Myron Avant, to show people there's plenty more where that came from.
Last year, Cadence was publicly calculating that, if it were successful, Avant might be held financially liable for an amount over $1.
OTCQX: AMBS) and medical diagnostic technology company Avant Diagnostics (OTCQB: AVDX) have closed a deal to merge an Amarantus wholly-owned subsidiary, Amarantus Diagnostics, into Avant Diagnostics, the companies said.
Avant missed simple pleasures that most people take for granted: eating ice cream, playing softball, washing a favorite car.
During the quarter, AVANT completed one of the largest partnership agreements in cancer immunotherapy when we entered into an agreement with Pfizer for our novel therapeutic vaccine candidate--CDX-110," said Anthony S.