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n.1.The front of an army. [Obs.] See Van.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"Let us be the avant guard," said he to Porthos, "and find good quarters at Saint Germain; nobody will think of us, and for my part I am greatly fatigued."
The shouts of both parties augmented the fearful din, the assailants crying, ``Saint George for merry England!'' and the Normans answering them with loud cries of ``En avant De Bracy!
"Mais, Francois, tu sais bien qu'il me serait impossible de me marier avant les vacances."
But mark what I arreede thee now, avant; Flie thither whence thou fledst: if from this houre Within these hallowd limits thou appeer, Back to th' infernal pit I drag thee chaind, And Seale thee so, as henceforth not to scorne The facil gates of hell too slightly barrd.
* High-performance RS 6 Avant delivers exhilarating driving dynamics with everyday functionality
5000 list again this year," said Avant Healthcare Professionals Founder and CEO Shari Dingle Costantini.
Avant! AI is an Artificial Intelligence system, neural network-based, that is targeted to manage and supervise Gopher's technologies, although it can be deployed and implemented in other systems as self-learning management layer.
Accessible on any device, Pathfinder is available exclusively to AVANT's growing ecosystem of Trusted Advisors.
The first Audi 100 avant appeared in 1977 so they have been onto a good thing for over 40 years.
Avant Homes, who have a total of 15 developments across the country from Dunbar in the east to Bishopton in the west, have recently expanded their range of homes to help homeowners make that all-important first purchase.
Located off Garden House Drive in Acomb, just a short distance from Hexham and a stone's throw from Northumberland National Park, the development is Avant's first in the area.
The properties to be built by Avant Homes will be a mix of three and fourbedroom detached houses, including for the first time in Scotland its threebedroom Malton design with integral garage.