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    (å`vänt´-gärd`; 277)
n.1.The van or advanced body of an army. See Vanguard.
2.Same as avant-garde, n..
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SEG Racing Academy has already made significant strides since its inception in providing an avant-guard program to its members.
Buildings of right-angled geometry sometimes shade in light pink provide iconic avant-guard structures contrasting with the city's traditional buildings.
Turbo Global said Avant-Guard and Zane supported the strategy of its global license by serving as vendors during the three-year beta phase of the company's OnNow TV WEB television platform.
The building's main architect, Ibrahima Konare gave a presentation showing the various stages of construction and highlighted the avant-guard design of the building.
Throughout his career he experimented with different techniques and advanced his avant-guard techniques, while very firmly sticking to the realist tradition when it came to portraits.
Bulgarian-born Christo-Hristo Yavashev, the world famous avant-guard artist, and his brothers Anani and Stefan have won a court battle in Strasbourg against Bulgaria.
Even a poet like Philip Larkin can sometimes seem like an avant-guard eco-poet compared to Wright's otherwise much more nature-oriented poetry.