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An angiotensin II receptor blocker drug, C25H28 N6O, used to treat hypertension.

[irbe-, origin unknown + -sartan, angiotensin II receptor blocker suff.; see losartan.]


n irbesartán m
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However, due to the expiry of the exclusivity of major drugs both before and during the forecast period (Cozaar in 2010; Diovan, Avapro and Atacand in 2012; Exforge in 2014; Benicar in 2016; and Tekturna and Tekturna HCT in 2018), increased generic penetration and a low diagnosis rate, the market will decline from 2017.
88bn, as the company's Avapro blood pressure drug and Plavix blood clot preventer faced competition from cheaper generics.
The medicines to be distributed include Plavix, Avapro and Meformin.
Blood pressure drugs Avapro and Avalide, which lost patent protection last March, dropped 57 percent to $84 million.
Other lots of Avalide 300/25 mg, as well as other dosage strengths of both Avalide and Avapro, or irbesartan, are not affected, and no interruption in supply is anticipated, the company said.
Also, supported by sales of new products Lonasen (agent for the treatment of schizophrenia) and Avapro (agent for the treatment of hypertension), sales grew by JPY 4.
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, Princeton, NJ, and Sanofi-Synthelabo, Paris, France, announced they have received FDA approval for Avapro for a new indication-treatment of diabetic nephropathy in people who have hypertension and type 2 diabetes.
We have about 600 employees working at the BMS complex in Humacao manufacturing other key company products such as Avapro, Monopril, Pravachol, Corgard, Zerit, Azactam, Serzone, and its best-selling diabetes treatment drug, Glucophage.
Adams said he had taken the medication - Avapro HCT - for two years after being prescribed it by his GP, instead of one called Avapro which did not contain the banned substance Hydrochlorothiazide, He said: 'It was just a mistake.
Potential new medicines for congestive heart failure include Atacand, Avapro, Dilatrend, Diovan, Enbrel, eplerenone, Natrecor, Remicade, Toprol-XL and Vanlev.
Over the next two decades, life and work intervened and sadly I didn't run, gained 65 pounds, developed high blood pressure and high cholesterol and now take Avapro and Lipitor to control these problems.