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Government influence iscoming back with avengeance. After decades of encouraging more open markets, even liberal trading nations and trade-supporting politicians within them now aim to restrict imports, trying to protect home industries without considering any repercussions from abroad.
6 THIERRY DUSAUTOIR (FRANCE) A few contenders for the blindside berth, with Jerome Kaino a mighty physical presence, Peter O'Mahony so good at the breakdown and Schalk Burger having returned with avengeance against England.
The runners-up were Cody Urban Dance, who performed I Get Crazy, while Funky Feet secured third place with an energetic number called African Avengeance.
With thousands of tourists --both Indian and foreign --pouring in everyday, Kashmir looks set to reclaim its past glory with avengeance
SULLY Centurions returned to form with avengeance, beating Mumbles by eight wickets at Burnham Avenue to replace Port Talbot Town at the top.
``But he worked very hard and came back with avengeance.''
But aside from the opener against Wales, the results haven't gone their way and their age old scrummaging problems resurfaced with avengeance at Twickenham on the weekend.
As unorthodox counsellor and anger expert, Dr Buddy Rydell, Jack's raised eyebrow and rakish laugh is back with avengeance. And there are few people better at doing rage for laughs than Jack - handy because the bad-tempered Dr Rydell clearly needs a dose of his own medicine.
AFTER a splendid run in the Powergen Cup and five League victories in a row, a listless-looking Waterloo came down to earth with avengeance at Blaydon, who took ample revenge for a recent defeat by a similar margin at Blundellsands.
As the high winds returned with avengeance after a mid-week lull, the two deaths brought the toll to 10 since Monday.