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n.1.See Avener.
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As the family patriarch, Yacub Addy was the senior "tradition bearer" of a family legacy of the renowned Addy family of drummers, singers, and dancers from the Avenor neighborhood in Accra, Ghana.
The field survey revealed that most of the environmental concerns in relation to the degradation of land are experienced on the outskirts of the city centre of Accra, even though some of the minor problems could be encountered in a few areas in the metropolis such Avenor, Nima, Alajo, etc.
where she had a seven-year career, and before that, a 17-year career with Avenor America and Stone Consolidated Newsprint.
Back in Europe, meanwhile, Stora and Enso merged to form what is now marginally the third-largest newsprint producer (with something over three million tonnes of capacity), while Bowater--the biggest in the USA--more than doubled its capacity through the purchase of Canada's Avenor, Korea's Halla and Newsprint South in Mississippi, USA.
Companies mentioned include Fort James (FJ), Kimberly-Clark (KMB), Abitibi Consolidated (ABY), Mead (MEA), Bowater (BOW ), International Paper (IP), Consolidated Papers (CDP), Weyerhaeuser (WY), Louisi ana-Pacific (LPX), Domtar (DTC), Avenor (AVR.
a Swiss-based commodities trading firm; Avenor America Inc.
In Quetico it has taken FON nearly two years, negotiating first with MNR and Avenor, and then directly with the company to get an amendment to the existing TMP.
He also has considerable industry experience in the forest products sector and was President and CEO of Avenor Inc.
A master of traditional music of the Ga ethnic group, a creator of new works rooted in tradition, and a committed educator, Yacub Addy is part of the renowned Addy family of drummers, singers, and dancers from Avenor, Accra, Ghana.
Laurent Paperboard in Montreal during the mid-1990s, prior to working for Avenor, a leading supplier of pulp and recycled newspaper.
Two new members have joined CAE's Board of Directors: Brian Barents, former CEO of both Learjet and Galaxy Aerospace, and former Chairman of the General Aviation Manufacturers Association; and Paul Gagne, former CEO of Avenor.