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 (ăv′ən-tīn′, -tēn′)
One of the seven hills of ancient Rome. It was turned over to the Roman plebs for settlement in 456 bc.

Av′en·tine′ adj.


(ˈævɪnˌtaɪn; -tɪn)
(Placename) one of the seven hills on which Rome was built


(ˈæv ənˌtaɪn, -tɪn)

one of the seven hills on which ancient Rome was built.
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Tennessee, US-based talent and solutions firm Vaco has acquired San Antonio, Texas-based advisory, consulting and executive search firm Aventine Hill Partners to strengthen talent and solutions offerings across a diverse set of industries to more than 10,000 clients globally, the company said.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 21, 2019-Vaco Acquires Aventine Hill Partners to Strengthen Presence in Texas
Veii was conquered, its inhabitants were slaughtered or enslaved, and Queen Juno's ancient image took up residence in a fine new temple on the Aventine hill, gazing out over the fields she had forsaken.
On Wednesday, a cardinal rubbed ashes on the pope's forehead and then Francis did the same to other members of the congregation at a Mass in the Basilica of Santa Sabina on Rome's Aventine Hill.
The post office serves the residential Testaccio neighborhood and is near the foot of the Aventine Hill. Associated Press R.A.H.
Ceres was worshipped at her temple on the Aventine Hill, one of the Seven Hills of ancient Rome.
The Roman goddess is depicted residing on the Aventine Hill, represented by the terrain where she stands.
Daniela del Balzo is a friendly, twinkle-eyed modern day version of an Italian nonna who swapped a high-powered corporate career to pursue her passion for food with tailored cooking classes at her home in the posh, leafy suburb of Aventine Hill. Having developed a passion for food from her mother and grandmother, she honed her skills at renowned culinary schools Gambero Rosso and Le Cordon Bleu, so you know you'll be in good hands.
The pontiff had been scheduled to celebrate Ash Wednesday at the small Sant' Anselmo church, then lead a procession to Santa Sabina Basilica on Rome's Aventine Hill. The Vatican said the change to St Peter's Basilica was to accommodate the crowds, but it also saved the Pope the effort of the procession.
The pope will then celebrate Ash Wednesday mass at 1600 GMT, his last public mass and one of his final engagements as pontiff.The mass is traditionally held in the Santa Sabina Church on Rome's Aventine Hill, but has been moved to St Peter's Basilica out of respect for the outgoing pontiff and to accommodate the crowd of faithful who will want to mark the end of his eight-year rule -- one of the shortest in the Church's modern history.
Located on the scenic Aventine Hill, the embassy overlooks the ancient Circus Maximus and the ruins of the Forum.