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1. arranged.
2. arrangement.
3. arrival.
4. arrive.


abbr of arrival, arrivesAnk.
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The average rate of return declined drastically in the 1990s.
The good news is that the average rate of return rose for the second straight year, from 11.7 percent in FY2013 to 15.5 percent in 2014, according to the "NACUBO-Commonfund Study of Endowments," released in January.
The average rate of return on deposits is about 3--3.5 percent, compared to the historical return of roughly about 9--10 percent for equity capital markets.
Keywords: Net portfolio investment Foreign direct investment Market capitalization Trade openness M2 Weighted average rate of return on deposit Pakistan
Last year it gave an average rate of return was 2.85 per cent.
Illustration #1 with a calculated planned premium using 7.6 percent as the assumed crediting rate: "Using what appears to be a reasonable back-tested average rate of return as the calculation rate to answer your cost question, the resulting policy illustration provided an attractive planned premium recommendation of $4,473 for the $1 million policy you have purchased.
Over that same period, the fund would generate $188 million for scholarships - assuming an average rate of return of 7 percent, which is lower than the 10-year average for funds under state management.
RL1: Arithmetic average rate of return on the stock portfolio of the failed portfolio formation
The average rate of return assumed by most state and local government plans is 8 percent, but recent research shows that those assumed returns may not factor in risk.
Daly and Bengali factor in the additional years of earnings by those who do not attend college and discount future earnings by 6.67 percent, which, they state, was the average rate of return on an AAA bond between 1990 and 2010.
Under plausible assumptions -- namely that the wealthy save enough -- the ratio of inherited wealth to income (or wages) continues to increase as long as r, the average rate of return to capital, exceeds g, the growth rate of the economy as a whole.
At the end of 2012 the average rate of return for IV's 2003 fund was 16.2 percent, while the 2008 fund stood at 2.5 per cent, according to the 2013 investor presentation.

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