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Noun1.Averell Harriman - United States financier who negotiated a treaty with the Soviet Union banning tests of nuclear weapons (1891-1986)
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Averell Harriman, for setting the stage for Diem's overthrow.
In 1976, Washington insider Averell Harriman famously said of Georgia peanut farmer Jimmy Carter, the one-term governor and presidential aspirant, "He can't be nominated, I don't know him and I don't know anyone who does.
Averell Harriman Lectures were inaugurated in 1989 and annually since then a preeminent scholar, political figure, or cultural luminary has been invited to deliver a major address to the entire Columbia University community and many other guests.
It might have to do with being partly the invention of Averell Harriman, who invited celebrities like Ernest Hemingway, Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe to help shine a light on the newfangled resort town in the '30s.
In one of my favorite books, The Wise Men, Walter Isaacson and Evan Thomas describe the extraordinary skills and talents of the handful of men, including Averell Harriman, Dean Acheson, and George Kennan, who fashioned the modern world order out of the rubble of World War II.
The new American ambassador in Moscow, Averell Harriman, was concerned about Soviet designs in Eastern Europe but had yet to be convinced that the Soviets were the main threat to the future of the West.
Governor Averell Harriman thought that perhaps Tito's intervention with Ho Chi Minh might lead to talks.
Diplomat Sumner Wells, lawyer Bill Donovan, presidential confidant and fixer, Harry Hopkins, wealthy socialite Averell Harriman, and former presidential candidate Wendell Wilkie took on assignments that ultimately gave FDR the confidence to join the Soviet Union and Britain in the battle to stop Hitler, thus, creating the "Big Three.
Tarling well understands that despite diligent, patient, and often astute representations by British diplomats, the crucial changes were beyond their control: the shift in policy from the Eisenhower to the Kennedy administrations, the emergence of Averell Harriman as American point man on the negotiations, and President Kennedy's sensitivity to domestic pressure on foreign policy.
Kenneth Rush, former deputy secretary of State and ambassador to Germany, became the founding co-chairman, and early members included such luminaries as Angier Biddle Duke, Averell Harriman, John Sherman Cooper and Ellsworth Bunker.
Costigliola's book mines some unexploited sources, including the diaries and correspondence of various women, an underappreciated oral history given by Averell Harriman, and diaries maintained by Maisky, Litvinov, and Gromyko.
Averell Harriman que entrega el Instituto Nacional Democrata, tambien varias nominaciones al Nobel de la Paz.