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Noun1.Averell Harriman - United States financier who negotiated a treaty with the Soviet Union banning tests of nuclear weapons (1891-1986)
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As a young man in a hurry, he curried favor with those he deemed potentially useful, especially aging Democratic panjandrums such as Averell Harriman and Clark Clifford.
Once back in Washington, he parlayed the Wisner connection into entry to mom Polly Wisner's Georgetown salon; he was soon lunching with Bobby Kennedy and befriending Averell Harriman. These relationships--and many others--were useful throughout his career.
The three 'citizens of London' of the book's title were the new US Ambassador Gilbert Winant, CBS broadcaster Edward Murrow and tycoon and Lend Lease Administrator Averell Harriman. They arrived in London in 1941, assessed the threat, and became forthright advocates of US initiatives on behalf of Great Britain.
Another of Roosevelt's ad hoc agents, William Averell Harriman, managed to woo, bed, and eventually wed the wife of Churchill's son, Randolph, in between sympathetic conversations over countless card games of Bezique with the prime minister.
Averell Harriman, for setting the stage for Diem's overthrow.
Averell Harriman. Among matters given little attention are US plans for the postwar economic order and the reasons why Hopkins helped "engineer Truman's ascent" to the vice presidency (137).
He was a sometime professor, a prolific contributor to scholarly journals, aide to New York Governor Averell Harriman, assistant secretary of labor to Presidents Kennedy and Johnson, White House counselor to Nixon, ambassador to India and to the United Nations, card-carrying Democrat, and four-time U.S.
It might have to do with being partly the invention of Averell Harriman, who invited celebrities like Ernest Hemingway, Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe to help shine a light on the newfangled resort town in the '30s.
In one of my favorite books, The Wise Men, Walter Isaacson and Evan Thomas describe the extraordinary skills and talents of the handful of men, including Averell Harriman, Dean Acheson, and George Kennan, who fashioned the modern world order out of the rubble of World War II.
The new American ambassador in Moscow, Averell Harriman, was concerned about Soviet designs in Eastern Europe but had yet to be convinced that the Soviets were the main threat to the future of the West.
Diplomat Sumner Wells, lawyer Bill Donovan, presidential confidant and fixer, Harry Hopkins, wealthy socialite Averell Harriman, and former presidential candidate Wendell Wilkie took on assignments that ultimately gave FDR the confidence to join the Soviet Union and Britain in the battle to stop Hitler, thus, creating the "Big Three." The author aims to illuminate a little-known two-year period between the invasion of Poland and the attack on Pearl Harbor, when FDR eschewed the usual bureaucratic channels and changed the course of history, while at the same time bringing America out of isolation.