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(əˈvɜr nəs)

1. a lake in the caldera of a volcano near Naples, Italy, regarded in ancient times as the entrance to the underworld.
2. the underworld.
A•ver′nal, adj.
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Little boys at school are taught in their earliest Latin book that the path of Avernus is very easy of descent.
I back myself to climb out of Avernus any day I like, and sooner or later I shall climb out for good.
Vampa took this wild road, which, enclosed between two ridges, and shadowed by the tufted umbrage of the pines, seemed, but for the difficulties of its descent, that path to Avernus of which Virgil speaks.
(433) Recasting the thunderous urban roar celebrated for its sublimity in her note to "Linmouth," her description of the infernal city--the river is "as Avernus, with hell upon its banks"--calls up the more specific association of London bridges with fallen women and female suicide.
'Romanticismo' includes a handful of foreigners to give the wider perspective--among them Caspar David Friedrich's Moon Rising Over the Sea (1821) from the Hermitage, a little Corot of the Roman campagna (1826) from the National Gallery in London, and Turner's Lake Avernus: Aeneas and the Cumaean Sibyl (c.
sedrevocare gradum superasque evadere ad auras, /hoc opus, hie labor est.--"Trojan, son of Anchises, the descent by Avernus is easy...
Music Metal Thursday CCXLII: Blood Stone Sacrifice, Lord Almighty, Avernus Ortus +1, 9 p.m.
It is a long and weary journey, marching or sometimes crawling, in a place of dim light and dead air with no wind and no birds (133)--the root meaning of the name Avernus (25)--and it ends with their being rowed ("Many have taken ship at the pale beaches" [133]) to the city where the Queen dwells.
una Annonciation, 2001, 200 x 180 cm y un Avernus, 200 x 180 cm.
See Saunders, The Forest of Medieval Romance: Avernus, Broceliande, Arden (Cambridge: D.