Averrhoa bilimbi

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Noun1.Averrhoa bilimbi - East Indian evergreen tree bearing very acid fruitAverrhoa bilimbi - East Indian evergreen tree bearing very acid fruit
fruit tree - tree bearing edible fruit
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One of these plants is the bilimbi (Averrhoa bilimbi L.
Effects of Averrhoa bilimbi leaf extract on blood glucose and lipids in streptozotocin diabetic rats.
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[6.] Tan BK, Tan CH, Pushparaj PN (2005) Anti-diabetic activity of the semi-purified fractions of Averrhoa bilimbi in high fat diet fed-streptozotocininduced diabetic rats.
The plants include; Averrhoa bilimbi (AB), Cosmos caudatus (CC) and Pereskia bleo (PB) which are usually consumed as part of a meal, eaten either raw or taken after a blanching processes [2].
Portanto, o objetivo deste trabalho e descrever as caracteristicas morfologicas de frutos, sementes e plantulas de Averrhoa bilimbi L., oriundas de frutos imaturos e maduros.
For treatment of fever, bark of Oroxylum indicum was boiled in water along with leaves of Averrhoa bilimbi, leaves of Swertia chirayita, leaves of Ziziphus mauritiana, leaves of chana pata (unidentified), and leaves of Phyllanthus emblica.