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6) However, as his contemporary adversaries complained, Aquinas seemed to be satisfied that the empirical evidence sufficed to refute Averroes since Averroist noetic theory failed to save this obvious phenomenon.
And Cantor believes Dante to have been not a Christian but an Averroist.
He examines one of them and Del Medigo's activities as an Averroist philosopher, more specifically his theory of intellect.
Thanks to his reputation as an Averroist philosopher, his choice of a Christian subject matter is curious; (8) it is also curious given his active participation in the factional violence in Florence.
The presence of Sigier here has occasioned much critical speculation, since he was an adversary of Aquinas who publically confuted the Averroist ideas Sigier promoted.
While the problem of conciliating Aristotelian rationality and Christian faith had formed the backbone of the Averroist debates, the so-called theory of double truth, or of duplex veritas, manifests well the intricacies of the concept's formation.
Many Arab intellectuals, such as the late Muhammad Abid al-Jabiri, have been sympathetic to such readings and wished to revive a sort of Averroist Aristotelianism in the name of reason and enlightenment.
2011 Reason and revelation for a Averroist pursuit of convivencia and intercultural dialogue.
Thomas can be seen as occupying the middle ground between the Latin Averroist on the one hand and Henry on the other.
Aquinas famously felt compelled to defend the Christian faith against the Averroist interpretation of Aristotle proposed in the 1260s by Siger of Brabant in his treatise De unitate intellectus.
Angel Martinez Casado was the first to situate the movement in what seems to be its most realistic context: radical Aristotelianism, or even Averroist Aristotelianism, directly connected to the twelfth-century translation schools that occupied themselves with Latinizing the Arabic peripatetics.