n.1.One who works a mine with means provided by another.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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'Printmaking made it possible for me, woodcut made it possible for me,' Abano said, adding that she was influenced by one of the pioneers of contemporary printmaking in the country, Pandy Aviado. 'The visual qualities that you can attain from woodcut are very unique to itself.
Other artist-friends in attendance included Pandy Aviado, Heber Bartolome, Gus Albor, filmmaker Onin Delotavo Tagaro, who co-directed the Urian award-winning documentary, Yield, and filmmaker/producer Toshihiku Uriu, owner of the gallery and the Tiu Theater (with a screening room and a sound stage) also at Makati Central Square.
Participating artists are: Pandy Aviado, Tikoy Aguiluz, Yob Achecruz, Heber Bartolome, Jeff Dizon, Hermisanto, Raul Lebajo, Cid Reyes, Mario Patdu, Bong Paz, Riche Yee, and Roy Veneracion.
In the mid '60s (1963-1964) Virgilio 'Pandy' Aviado, my classmate at A d M, was our house guest in Matina.
Counting them off one by one, he says: "Nuestro taught me a lot of philosophies and theories; Jo Austria taught me to be spontaneous; Tamondong made me more competitive; Benitez helped me forget lawschool; Aviado explained to me Fibonacci; Lindslee introduced me to mixed media; Tanedo taught me to put heart on each piece; Albor gave me the cadmium red; Roxas showed to me what love was when painted on canvas; Carating introduced Liquitex to me; Jocson made me a deep thinker; Bose taught me to be more substantive; Lao inculcated silence and simplicity to my heart; Kimbs made me more sincere; Abulencia healed my greed for fame; Barrioquinto 'exposed the pig in me; Cordova showed me what a humble heart meant; and Escora influenced me to dress up."
Agravo interno aviado contra decisao publicada em 19/12/2016, que, por sua vez, julgara recurso interposto contra decisum publicado na vigencia do CPC/73.
Puderam usufruir de pouco mais do que uma instrucao de base pelas missoes catolicas no periodo colonial, e foram marginalizados no processo de construcao nacional aviado apos 1975.
As he concludes, "Pero, en la verdad, el que es senor de un ingenio libre e bien aviado, esta muy bien e ricamente heredado; e son de grandisima utilidad e riqueza para los senores de los tales ingenios" (Fernandez de Oviedo 2: 107).