n.1.(Zool.) A genus of marine bivalves, having a pearly interior, allied to the pearl oyster; - so called from a supposed resemblance of the typical species to a bird.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Euglossa avicula Dressier, 1982 and Euglossa milenae Bembe, 2007 have been recorded for the first time in the state of Bahia.
Euglossa avicula Dressier, 1982 e Euglossa milenae Bembe, 2007 foram registradas pela primeira vez no Estado da Bahia.
Euglossa avicula (Dressler, 1982) has been found in Amazonian forested areas (Oliveira & Campos 1995, Silva & Rebelo 1999).
lineata (Druce) by Fitzgerald and Pescador-Rubio (2002), for Dirphia avicula (Walker) (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae) by Zanuncio et al.
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avicula (Carpenter 1866) en Burghardt y Burghardt (1969), y Watters (1990), A.
Cornicula collectas pennas de reliquis avibus sibi accommodaverat, & superba varieta illa, reliquas onmes prae se aviculas contemnebat.