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A city of southeast France on the Rhone River. It was the seat of the papacy from 1309 to 1378 and the residence of several antipopes from 1378 to 1417.


(French aviɲɔ̃)
(Placename) a city in SE France, on the Rhône: seat of the papacy (1309–77); famous 12th-century bridge, now partly destroyed. Pop: 94 787 (2006)


(a viˈnyɔ̃)

a city in SE France, on the Rhone River: papal residence 1309–77. 93,024.
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Noun1.Avignon - a town in southeastern France on the Rhone River; the seat of the papacy from 1309 to 1378 and the residence of antipopes during the Great Schism
France, French Republic - a republic in western Europe; the largest country wholly in Europe


[ˈævɪnjɔ̃] NAviñón m
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In Avignon, France, the team participated in the Avignon Festival and showcased their performances.
Claude-Joseph Vernet is a famous French landscape painter born in 1714 in Avignon, France.
EIGHT people have been injured in a shooting near a mosque in Avignon, France, in what appeared to be a criminal settling of scores, according to reports.
Madame Reynaud, a widow, lives in Avignon, France, with her daughter, Monique, who is about to celebrate her thirtieth birthday.
The Discalced Carmelite Fathers of the Philippines, together with the Notre Dame De Vie Secular Institute, will sponsor three talks to introduce Venerable Father Marie-Eugene of the Child Jesus, OCD (born Henri Grialou), who will be beatified in Avignon, France, on Nov.
Before flying back to Avignon, France, the exchange students and teachers took time to share their thoughts about and show appreciation for their host families, host school, New England and the United States.
Naturex, Avignon, France, has agreed to acquire 100% of the capital of Chicago, IL-based Vegetable Juices Inc.
SEPTEMBER 29-OCTOBER 2, 2013: Solution Mining Research Institute Fall Technical Conference, Avignon, France.
The first World Championships for the triathlon were in Avignon, France in 1989 and were won by Mark Allen of the USA, with Britain's Glenn Cook runner-up.
At Bagour's trial in Avignon, France, she insisted that the shirt wasn't meant to provoke or defend terrorism, and thought the shirt would "make people laugh.
This two-volume work collects the 195 papers presented at an eponymous international conference held in June 2010 in Avignon, France for the purposes of addressing state-of-the-art advances in the field of solid-solid phase transformations in metallurgy.
THE other stadia which will host games are: The Parc des Sports Stadium in Avignon, France, will host a group match The Memorial Ground in Bristol will stage a group game ?