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v. t.1.To abase or debase; to vilify; to depreciate.
Want makes us know the price of what we avile.
- B. Jonson.
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Rex Villareal, head of the CIDG-Eastern Manila, identified the arrested suspects as Brandon Aviles, 30, head of the alleged Brandon Aviles Investment scam group in Batangas City; and his accomplice Neil Ian Arias, 36, administration officer of the United Aquafarm Ventures Inc.
We have been evaluating all aspects of our Spanish-language media during the past several months, and determining how and where we could grow audience and advertising participation," said Hispanic publications editor Carlos Aviles.
Hiring Villasenor and Aviles aligns with the cable manufacturer's goal to increase customer service and manufacturing capabilities in its Southwest US, Mexico, and South American markets.
Contract notice: Supply, batch and unit prices of electricity and natural gas to various facilities of the City of Aviles, the Municipal Foundation of Culture and the Municipal Sports Foundation.
Intento primero con quien fue coordinador de la Division de Fuerzas Federales de la Policia Federal el sexenio pasado, Rafael Aviles Aviles.
Celebrando sus ya cincuenta anos de una sostenida vocacion literaria que en su especifico caso ha dado pie a una no menos incisiva tendencia periodistica, Rene Aviles Fabila es uno de nuestros escritores en activo que mejor ejemplifican una rica tradicion con muy notables antecedentes en ambos espacios, mucho mas cercanos entre si de lo que la propia teoria pudiera reconocer.
Curtailments at its smelters in Portovesme, Italy, and La Coruna and Aviles, Spain, account for another 240,000 mt.
Al mismo tiempo y por la importancia psicologica, social y educativa de estas situaciones ha habido iniciativas de diversa indole para atacar el problema con diversos grados de acierto (Zaitegi, Fernandez, Urunuela, Aviles, Boque y Gomez, 2010).
As the energy capital of the world, Houston is a major producer of oil and natural gas, in addition to biotechnology and nanotechnology solutions, explained Luis Aviles, senior executive for air service development for Houston Airports.
Aviles, general manager & CIO of the burgeoning eight-year-old company, which renders telemarketing, client-assistance and debt-collection services chiefly to banks on the island and in the Dominican Republic.
Successfully fusing intense emotions with a plot that subtly pits the power of blood ties against the law, pic intrigues right until its rushed last reel, and reps a strong calling card for debuting helmer Luis Aviles Baquero.