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n.1.Advice; opinion; deliberation.
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Whether people grow fat by joking, or whether there is something in fat itself which predisposes to a joke, I have never been quite able to determine; but certain it is that a lean joker is a rara avis in terris.
Looking back across the seven centuries that have lapsed since Avis Everhard completed her manuscript, events, and the bearings of events, that were confused and veiled to her, are clear to us.
Yet we smile, indeed, and forgive Avis Everhard for the heroic lines upon which she modelled her husband.
Not alone do we understand Avis Everhard's love for her hero-husband, but we feel, as he felt, in those first days, the vague and terrible loom of the Oligarchy.
It is apparent that Avis Everhard completed the Manuscript during the last days of preparation for the Second Revolt; hence the fact that there is no mention of the disastrous outcome of the Second Revolt.
Terminal 5 is the airport's newest terminal, having been developed for the primary use of British Airways, and Avis is the first car rental company to provide a service from the terminal.
AVIS SAUDI MAIN SERVICES * Short term rental: Proper selection of rental stations, quick and quality, variety of fleet, comprehensive insurance, free maintenance and replacement, free membership, corporate credit facilities, value added services and cross border permits to GCC; * Chauffeur driven services; * Local and international reservations; * Long term leasing: operational leasing, lease to own, buy back options; * Used cars sale; * Reporting and information systems: fully computerised for quick customer feedback; * Customer satisfaction; * Road quick services; and * Fleet solutions and free consultations.
Peng, chairman of Avis Taiwan, says that the company will introduce Avis' global service standards to the island and extend Avis' cooperation agreement with global automakers to Taiwan, claiming that numerous international tourists and business visitors arrive in Taiwan yearly, but can't find global car rental brands in international hotel chains.
I do not know the answer, but tales like that of Avis make you wonder, "Where's the beef?
These forward-looking statements are based on Avis Budget's and Avis Europe's current plans, estimates and expectations, and include statements about expected synergies and benefits of a potential combination of Avis Budget and Avis Europe, future expected accretion to earnings, geographic changes, and the ability to obtain the necessary financing and the terms thereof.
The swoop for Avis Europe, which operates the Avis and Budget brands in the UK as well as Europe, Africa and the Middle East, already has the support of Avis Europe's major shareholder, Belgiumbased motoring group D'Ieteren.
Avis Europe split from Avis in 1986 and tripled in value over the following three years before reverting to private ownership.