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1. (Placename) the ancient name for Vlorë
2. (Historical Terms) the ancient name for Vlorë


(ˈvlɔr ə, ˈvloʊr ə)

a seaport in SW Albania. 61,000.
Formerly, Avlona.
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ISLAMABAD -- For Pakistani prisoners at Greece's Avlona jail, the Eid turned out to be special as the embassy treated them with traditional meal and sweets to celebrate the joyous occasion.
Contract notice: The subject of the contract is the purchase and installation of the necessary equipment for the upgrading and modernization of the closed circuit television system (CCTV) of the Avlona Youth Detention Center.
Skirting a salt lagoon--"Here they take a sort of mullet, from which is prepared the roe called 'bottarga', for which Avlona is famous'--Lear encounters
The Athenians covered as quickly as possible the more than 20 miles to Marathon and encamped in a strategic pass, Avlona, overlooking the plain.
Guiscard had landed at Avlona, in modern Albania, at the end of May 1081.
Deneia community leader Christakis Panayiotou said at the time that the people attempting to harvest the crops were likely to be Turkish settlers as they mostly inhabit the neighbouring villages of the area, Avlona and Filia.
He said the people attempting to harvest the crops were likely to be settlers as the neighbouring villages of the area, Avlona and Filia, are mostly inhabited by Turkish settlers.
They were picked up on the Akaki to Avlona road at 9.30pm and later taken to the reception centre at Kokkinotrimithia.
According to Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris, police in Morphou located the stolen bell in a sheep pen in Avlona village.
These are: the churches of Ayios Georgios in Youfes, Ayios Georgios in Yenagra, Ayios Georgios in Avlona, Ayios Georgios in Spathariko, Panayia Acheritou, Ayios Ioannis of the Maronites in Fludi, Panayia in Sysclipos, and the Ottoman hammam in Larnaca.