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 (ä′və-gä′drō, ä′vō-), Amedeo 1776-1856.
Italian chemist and physicist who advanced the hypothesis that has come to be called Avogadro's law (1811). From this hypothesis other physicists were able to calculate Avogadro's number.
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(ˌævəˈɡɑːdrəʊ; Italian avoˈɡaːdro)
(Biography) Amedeo (ameˈdɛːo), Conte di Quaregna. 1776–1856, Italian physicist, noted for his work on gases
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(ˌɑ vəˈgɑ droʊ)

Count Amadeo, 1776–1856, Italian physicist and chemist.
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Noun1.Avogadro - Italian physicist noted for his work on gases; proposed what has come to be called Avogadro's law (1776-1856)
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The new definitions will be based on fixed numerical values of the Planck constant (h), the elementary charge (e), the Boltzmann constant (k), and the Avogadro constant (NA), respectively.
Italy-based Pirelli, a premium tyre manufacturer, has appointed Alberico Avogadro as general manager for the Middle East market.
The Six.02 Bioservices name reflects Avogadro's number (6.023 x 1023), defined as the number of atoms or molecules per mole of any substance.
Enrique Avogadro, the Culture Minister of Buenos Aires, received extreme backlash on social media after a picture of him eating a slice of the cake went viral.
Avogadro's number is the number of atoms or molecules in one mole of a substance.
With regard to the eponyms list, Avogadro's number is more well-known than his hypothesis, and correct or standard renderings are Lot's wife, Planck's constant, Wheatstone bridge, and Zorro's mask.
Two other new measurements use the alternative Avogadro technique, which involves counting the number of atoms in a pure silicon sphere.
The one proposal calls for making Avogadro's constant, NA, an exact number.
From 1998 to 2011, the NIST lattice comparator played an important role in the International Avogadro Project by measuring lattice parameter variations in highly perfect isotopically natural silicon material and highly enriched [sup.28]Si material [2-4].
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where M is the molar mass of the ferrite, a is the lattice parameter, and NA is Avogadro's number.