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v. t.1.To checker; to diversify.
The painted windows, frecking gloom with glow.
- Lowell.
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The creations of the designers shall be presented on the wonderful streets from downtown Sibiu, in the garden of Brukenthal Palace of Avrig, to the Stairs' Passage, or in the Fortified Church from Cristian.
Local town halls in Satu Mare, Radauti, Avrig, Hunedoara, Petrosani and Bucharest annulled Jehovah's Witnesses building permits on the basis of the governmental request.
Six of the projects are town twinning schemes: Reichelsheim, DE (partners: Dol de Bretagne - FR, Jablonka - PL, Nagymanyok - HU); Bojnice, SK (partners: Bad Krozingen - DE, Rostaa- IT, Jesenik - CZ, Zator - PL); Bialogard, PL (partners: Akniste - LV, Gnosjo - SE, Olen - BE, Caracal - RO); Puy de Dome, FR (partners from IT, DE, UK, PT, PL and RO); Amaroussion, EL (partners from IT, BE, CY, EL, RO, PT and SE); and Plerin, FR (partners: Avrig - RO, Wronki - PL and Cookstown - UK)
A Domino Film production, in association with Grupus Avrig, Realitatea Media, Romartian TV.
WAYWARD Stefan Szekesy came home to Avrig, Romania, after working abroad for eight years, to find his wife had declared him dead and was living in his house with another man.
2 central heating equipment" wood gasification plants 40-45kw, heating systems work centrala- necessary Dumbraveni current OS, and OS Avrig Fafanaua cottage cottage orchards, subunits of Sibiu Forestry Directorate, subordinated to the National Forest Administration - Romsilva
Total quantity or scope: 2 central heating equipment: lot1 "40kW wood gasifying boiler, central heating installation and setup, the OS Dumbraveni, cottage Fafanaua; -Central wood lot2 55 kw, central heating sinstalatie the OS Avrig, cottage orchards.
Tenders are invited for Services for Assessment Reporting to Acquire By Expropriation of Properties Necessary for Performing the Public Utility Work On the Olt River Ahe Cornetu Avrig
Tenders are invited for Ahe-Alarm Warning System Olt River Gorge On the Cornetu Avrig Sector.
2552010, Takes to Prepare Draft Resolutions of the Government of Starting the Expropriation Procedure for Privately Owned Buildings Located in the Corridor Public Utility Work On the Olt River Ahe Cornetu Sector Avrig