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 (ə-wä′jē) or A·wa·ji·shi·ma (ə-wä′jē-shē′mə)
An island of Japan in the Inland Sea between southwest Honshu and Shikoku.
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(ɑˈwɑ dʒi)

an island in Japan, S of Honshu and N of Shikoku. 230 sq. mi. (596 sq. km).
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Representative cattle breeds producing fine wagyu beef are the black-hair ''Matsusaka gyu'' raised in Mie Prefecture and ''Kobe gyu'' reared in the northern part of Hyogo Prefecture and on Awajishima in the Inland Sea and marketed to Kobe.
An employee of the hotel Ekushibu Awajishima reported the damage to the police at around 6 a.m.
near the Onaruto Bridge, which connects Shikoku Island with Awajishima Island, southwest of Osaka.
The premier viewed the bridge, which links the city's Tarumi Ward and Awajishima Island in the Seto Inland Sea, from an observation platform on the Tarumi side.
They will adopt a statement at another venue in Hyogo's Awajishima Island at the closing on Thursday.
Two people aboard a helicopter were seriously injured in a botched landing Tuesday morning in Seidan on Awajishima Island, Hyogo Prefecture, police said.
The Hyogo prefectural government, which will host a meeting of former world leaders in 2001, announced Thursday that the four-day gathering will take place at an international convention hall on Awajishima Island starting May 12.
The leaders of provincial governments in Japan, China, South Korea, Russia and Mongolia met on Awajishima Island in the western Japanese prefecture.
A two-day meeting gathering some 230 disaster prevention officials and experts from more than 20 countries around the world kicked off Monday in a hall in Awajishima Island, Hyogo Prefecture.
Memorial services were also held in the morning in the cities of Nishinomiya and Akashi as well as the town of Hokudan on Awajishima Island, while another took place in Takarazuka later in the day.
At a meeting held on Awajishima Island in the western Japanese prefecture, the governors also agreed they should receive more tax resources from the central government to build roads and fund other projects, officials from the Hyogo prefectural government said.
The Sakura Bank group, which is already the largest shareholder of Midori, transferred four branches on Awajishima Island in Hyogo Prefecture to Midori from February to last month.