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With a global marketplace recovering from recession, AWM chairman Sir Roy McNulty admitted the body was no longer there to field calls about creating employment - and he didn't know who was there to do so currently.
According to the NAO's Independent Supplementary Review, AWM performed 'strongly' in the three main scrutinised areas that were: prioritising in response to the economic downturn and budget cuts, learning lessons to improve effectiveness and bringing about continuous improvement in processes.
The coalition government on Tuesday confirmed it will scrap all 12 regional development agencies (RDAs) including AWM, by 2012, pending a Commons vote.
The French state-controlled utility has revealed that it has acquired a majority stake of 80% in AWM, a developer and builder of wind energy projects, via its renewables arm EDF Energies Nouvelles.
But AWM chief executive Mick Laverty has written a letter inviting potential buyers to come forward for the observatory, which he said makes a valuable contribution to a range of regional bodies.
Yet also I got the impression he is also very proud of the work done by AWM and others to rebuild the area.
AWM, the developers and council economic development directors would not comment on the high-level speculation this funding will not now be secured.
EDF, which did not disclose what it had paid for the 80% interest in AWM, the local arm of UPC China, already has nuclear activities in China, as well as a presence in thermals and hydraulics.
Although the private sector has to date put up the largest share of match funding for European cash - 44 per cent - AWM is the biggest public sector match funder in the region, stumping up 39 per cent of the total already committed.
It follows the Government's announcement that Treasury funding for AWM will be cut by pounds 48 million.
Steve Holland, AWM's head of asset management, said the agency had been working with Tata for a long time, during which time the Indian conglomerate got sidelined in negotiations to buy Jaguar Land Rover.
EDF had paid for the 80% interest in AWM, already has nuclear activities in China, and also presence in thermals and hydraulics.