adv.1.At work; in action.
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Downing Street declined to comment on the particular case but reports suggested No 10 was aware the aworking visita had been postponed.
Aworking group is set to be established to consider the latest recommendations about the use of vaginal mesh.
the pipeline sensor shall be a wafer-style, flangeless body and have aworking pressure rating of 232 psig.
aWorking with our airline partners weave specifically targeted transfers as a growth segment for Dublin and our strategy is paying dividends.
AWORKING life which revolved around ships left Walton Temple with a love of marine subjects.
5seconds, after being taught by said the dog inherited his aworking sheepdog parents in Carpenter Nick said: "It's in tice when he's in the mood, afstuff, like sniffing around and 5-metre-long rope in 18.
GERALDINE, Stafford AWorking from home requires a lot Aof self-discipline, Geraldine.
Peter Herbert, chairman of the Society of BlackLawyers, said talks about"the formation of an organisation - which has aworking title of the BlackPlayers' Association - were"at a preliminary stage".
1989): Extensional collapse of thickened continental litho- sphere: aworking hypothesis for the Alboran Sea and Gibraltar Arc.
Therefore,this should prove to be a great opportunityfor the current government toincrease the possibility of forming aworking alliance through partnershipbased on mutual interest.
Aworking mother-of-three has seen her chiropractic business - which specialises in yoga for babies - grow from a one-day-a-week operation to employ five people.
There has been a clamour to allow the Pumas to join either the Six Nations or Tri Nations since their outstanding performances at the 2007 World CupinFrance,where they beat the host nation twice, Ireland and Scotland on their way to a third-place finish, with the IRB establishing aWorking Accord to help that process.