adv.1.At work; in action.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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With the summer North Sea herring season now well underway, Scottish boats are currently aworking their traditional fishing grounds in search of the 'Silver Darlings' - a fish that is steeped in our tradition and the catalyst responsible for the adevelopment of many of our fishing communities
She has five sisters.Her father is a retired civilservant while she has aworking mother.
Jahanzeb Khan noted that slump in revenue collection is the Aoutcome of economic slowdown but the Agovernment is focused on macro-economic stabilisation and is Aworking to increase revenues through investment.
AWorking for A Way Out I know that I couldn't function without making a to-do list.
Downing Street declined to comment on the particular case but reports suggested No 10 was aware the aworking visita had been postponed.
Aworking group is set to be established to consider the latest recommendations about the use of vaginal mesh.
Healyamplifies this further: "From the rehearsal process to theexperience of live performance, the theatre presents the world with aworking model of cooperation, collectivity, and community.
aWorking with our airline partners weave specifically targeted transfers as a growth segment for Dublin and our strategy is paying dividends.
AWORKING life which revolved around ships left Walton Temple with a love of marine subjects.
Fastest dog on a tightrope SURE-pawed Ozzy crossed a 3.5seconds, after being taught by said the dog inherited his aworking sheepdog parents in Carpenter Nick said: "It's in tice when he's in the mood, afstuff, like sniffing around and 5-metre-long rope in 18.22 owner Nick Johnson, who ability to learn from his Norfolk.