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Music comes from some of our fave club nights and DJS, including Kerr Okan and Daz from Club Fontaine, the Pretty Ugly gals and the awsome Magic Nostalgic, the musical lottery combined club night which chooses its set based on the spinning of a wheel.
One of the suits carries the slogan "I was born awsome" - missing out the first E in 'awesome.'.
Having landed safely on the beach afterwards, Vince said: "Awsome. That was so fun.
I have been in a Group N rally car before but nothing could prepare me for the sheer speed, acceleration and deceleration of these awsome rally machines.
awsome With Approval, a Canadian Triple Crown winner.
"Twickenham is absolutely awsome, and it's still hard to believe we are in the final.
Awsome for half an hour against Juventus, to dire against City.
However, most of us wind up being parents at one point or another and facing the awsome responsibiltity that comes with it.
Or, do you just know of an awsome display of lights and decorations?
One instructor there, Mary Tortomasi, says: "The sensation of the wind just holding you with its awsome power while you can do anything you want is simply fantastic."
Katy Williams TRUMP is awsome, he has saved the USA.
The Wales coach admitted: "That will pose an awsome challenge, and we will need to improve a heck of a lot.