Axel Heiberg Island

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Ax·el Hei·berg Island

 (ăk′səl hī′bûrg′)
An island of the Queen Elizabeth Islands of northern Canada, west of Ellesmere Island.
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In the summer, I have joined the Jacobsen-McGill expedition to Axel Heiberg Island in the Arctic, as a geomagnetician--my old trade at Baker Lake.
That year Peter Adams was a member of a party heading north to establish the McGill Arctic Research Station on Axel Heiberg Island, while members of the Arctic Institute of North America (AINA), then headquartered at McGill University, established a research station on Devon Island.
Last summer, a team from the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) and the University of Calgary found evidence of coal ash in sedimentary Permian rocks from the Buchanan Lake area, on Axel Heiberg Island in Nunavut.
But big bubbles of methane that come to the surface at the spring located on Axel Heiberg Island provoked the researchers' curiosity as to whether the gas was being produced geologically or biologically.
He also worked for the Geological Survey of Canada as a member of the 1955 Operation Franklin, mapping the High Arctic, including a detailed survey of Axel Heiberg Island. He was also elected the president of the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists.
For three summers in a row, Jahren, along with a group of students and colleagues, has spent several weeks at a time collecting tree fossils on Axel Heiberg Island in Canada.
Flying over the frozen Arctic Sea in an Otter, a blown gasket required a rapid, powerless glide to reach safety on a flat bouldery strip of shoreline on Axel Heiberg Island. There, our dauntless photographer went about his business while the pilot summoned help.
About 45 million years ago, forests of redwoods grew on what is now Axel Heiberg Island, a Maryland-size landmass Off the northern coast of Canada.
Backpacking Fossil Forest of Axel Heiberg Island, Canada.
John Tarduno of Rochester University dug up some fossils on Axel Heiberg Island. He wasn't sure what the bones were so he sent them to Dr.
In 1969 and 1970, Keith applied these methods to study terminus fluctuations of the White Glacier on Axel Heiberg Island, under the general supervision of Fritz Muller, head of the Axel Heiberg research program at McGill University.
A pale-bellied brent geese at Morfa Bychan was colour ringed on Axel Heiberg Island, high in the Canadian Arctic.