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A hypothetical boson having no charge or spin and small mass, proposed to explain the existence of certain symmetries of the strong nuclear force.


(Atomic Physics) physics a hypothetical neutral elementary particle postulated to account for certain conservation laws in the strong interaction
[C20: from axi(om) + -on]


(ˈæk siˌɒn)

an elementary particle having no charge, zero spin, and small mass, postulated to exist by some forms of quantum chromodynamics.
[1978; axi(al) + -on1]
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We think that Axions s products provide an excellent complement to our automated patch clamp screening and impedance-based systems, and see great potential for applications including phenotype screening, stem cells as tools for phenotypic disease models, and of course, safety, neuro- and cardiotoxicity testing.
These axions could accumulate around a black hole and extract energy from it.
In their research into other applications for topological insulators, Zhang and his colleagues discovered that the electromagnetic behavior of topological insulators is described by the very same mathematical equations that describe the behavior of axions.
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