Axis of revolution

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(Descriptive Geom.) a straight line about which some line or plane is revolved, so that the several points of the line or plane shall describe circles with their centers in the fixed line, and their planes perpendicular to it, the line describing a surface of revolution, and the plane a solid of revolution.
- Brewster.

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T] (take the curve in xoz plane as an example) and by the axis of revolution, in the same plane as
One exemplary embodiment provides a system comprising: a light source; an image producing unit, which produces an image upon interaction with light approaching the image producing unit from the light source; an eyepiece; and a mirror, directing light from the image to a surface of the eyepiece, wherein the surface has a shape of a solid of revolution formed by revolving a planar curve at least 180 DEG around an axis of revolution.
We allow (in fact, require) the axis of revolution to intersect the graph of the function or parametric curve; and we wish to find which such line yields the minimum unsigned surface area.
1, R represents the distance of one of its points from the axis of rotation x - axis , and x represents the distance of its points from the R - axis [phi] is the angle between the normal to the meridian curve and the axis of revolution.
The Revolved Protusion Class is associated with Angle, Axis of Revolution and Profile options.
The axis of revolution is parallel to the rolling axis of the tire.