Axis of symmetry

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(Geom.) any line in a plane figure which divides the figure into two such parts that one part, when folded over along the axis, shall coincide with the other part.
(Geom.) See under Axis.

See also: Axis, Symmetry

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o] is the value of I[alpha]in the direction of the axis of symmetry and m denoted by the L.
Legends AX, BY and CZ correspond to the rotor displacement along the axis of the corresponding phase zone, marking AA meets at the location of the sensor in the area at minimum AG at the rotor displacement along the axis of symmetry of the phase A of the stator winding.
rz] at lower stress levels, tend to go deeper at places some distance away from the axis of symmetry.
Ask your students to now cut along the axis of symmetry and rotate one right-angled triangle so that its sloping side (hypotenuse) fits along the other sloping side to change the triangle into a rectangle.
5 as well as the points where the line crosses the axis of symmetry.
Dependence of the air flow velocity in the points of the line y = -10 mm = const upon the distance from the axis of symmetry is given in Fig.
For this position of the induction coil on the vertical axis of symmetry the macroflows in the lower part of the pool are directed downwards, and those in the upper part of the pool are directed upwards with the formation of a convex section on the surface of molten metal.
A third adhesive portion is located away from the axis of symmetry and is equidistant across the axis of symmetry from the second adhesive portion.
Each of the observed particles may thus be first reoriented and standardized by putting its axis of symmetry in vertical position and by assigning the ordinate y = -1/2 to its lowest point and the ordinate y = 1/2 to its top in the planar case and proceeding analogously with the assignment of the z-values in the spatial case (should this operation admit different realisations we shall choose the one which leads to the largest value of the test statistic to be calculated).
In this example, the whole mold was rotating at a constant speed of 400 rpm around its vertical axis of symmetry.
in a cylindrical coordinate system centered at the intersection of the axis of symmetry with the entrance plane of the tube, where ([e.
A passive solenoid magnet is placed around the decay region, with its axis of symmetry perpendicular to the incident neutron beam, along the x coordinate.