Axis of symmetry

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(Geom.) any line in a plane figure which divides the figure into two such parts that one part, when folded over along the axis, shall coincide with the other part.
(Geom.) See under Axis.

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The proof here (kites and axis of symmetry; congruent triangles) is even easier than in the case of the trapezium and the midsegment m.
[53, 64] proposed a measure to quantify symmetry based on the mean squared error (MSE) between the original image and the reflected image for any potential axis of symmetry. These authors argued that any object could be decomposed to symmetric and asymmetric components.
[eta] is the surface tension parameter, R is the radius of the bubble at any time, r is the radial axis, z is the axis of symmetry, [rho] is the liquid density around the vapor bubble, and [??] is the velocity potential
Legends AX, BY and CZ correspond to the rotor displacement along the axis of the corresponding phase zone, marking AA meets at the location of the sensor in the area at minimum AG at the rotor displacement along the axis of symmetry of the phase A of the stator winding.
Stress contours of shear stress component [[tau].sub.rz] at lower stress levels, tend to go deeper at places some distance away from the axis of symmetry. This implies that at a horizontal plane at considerable depth the shear stress [[tau].sub.rz] assumes the maximum value in these areas.
It was necessary to appoint two vectors, [P.sup.n.sub.b] normal to the main axis of symmetry of the actuator's shaft and [P.sup.[tau]] tangent to the platform at the point of joining with the right arm of the micromanipulator, and then determine the angle between them(Figure 5).This angle corresponds to the actual rotational [[delta].sub.i] displacement of the rotor, relative to its initial position, resulting from the perfectly leveled microrobot's moving platform in horizontal position.
The high points will compress from 1 to 0.5, and the low points will compress from -1 to -0.5 as well as the points where the line crosses the axis of symmetry." The participants repeated the rule and the experimenter then modeled construction of a transformed function.
For this position of the induction coil on the vertical axis of symmetry the macroflows in the lower part of the pool are directed downwards, and those in the upper part of the pool are directed upwards with the formation of a convex section on the surface of molten metal.
For this purpose cadmium telluride crystal was mechanically cut lengthwise after axis, distances from 5 to 5 mm were marked on the axis of symmetry figure 1.
The cup-shaped portion has a long axis of symmetry that respectively crosses through the first wide end and the second narrow end and pair of substantially identical "grip tab" portions.
It is supposed that the axis of symmetry is recognizable either by means of landmarks or by taking into account a geometrical property of the particles (for instance that the axis of symmetry is coinciding with the axis of the diameter, thus with the axis of the segment of maximal length realized within the body).