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 (dī′nēn′, -nē-ĭn)
Any of a group of motor proteins that move along microtubules and are involved in intracellular transport of organelles and movement of cilia and flagella.

[ dyne (in reference to its association with motile structures) + -in.]
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a type of protein present in cells that changes chemical energy into motor energy
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Axonemal dynein heavy chain 9 (dnah9) is encoded by the DNAH9 gene (Bartoloni et al., 2001).
(152,153) The regulation of the flagellar waveform is carried out by [Ca.sup.2+]-binding proteins that likely regulate axonemal dynein. Calaxin binds to the dynein heavy chain in the presence of [Ca.sup.2+] and therefore has been postulated to be responsible for waveform asymmetry during chemotaxis.
Usually, the axoneme is formed by nine outer doublet microtubules and two central singlet microtubules (the 9+2 pattern); the active sliding of microtubules by axonemal dyneins and proper assembly of all cytoskeletal elements is critical for sperm motility (Inaba, 2003).