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n. pl. a·yat (ä-yät′)
A verse of the Koran.

[Arabic 'āya, sign, aya; see ayatollah.]
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They were content to spear their living out of the heart of the bitter, hopeless cold; to smile oily smiles, and tell queer ghost and fairy tales of evenings, and eat till they could eat no more, and sing the endless woman's song: "Amna aya, aya amna, ah
Caption: Foosball and bumper pool tables keep AYAs active, engaged, and entertained.
Fumi, her schoolmate, is forced to watch over her and clearly resents Ayas presence.
Many Beirutis still yearn for the mouthwatering lemonade or ashtalieh (cream pudding) sold by Ahmad Al Antabli in Souk Ayas, one of the city's many old souks.
Mohammad Ayas, senior audiologist at the new audiology clinic that opened at the University Hospital of Sharjah said that because the clinic was attached to a university, they received many patients who were students.
Instead, we endeavor to present exemplars of clinically relevant variables that we believe can guide practice and research with AYAs in the health care setting.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Turkish curator Defne Ayas will be co-curating the 11th installment of the Baltic Triennial this year in the Lithuanian city of Vilnius along with Benjamin Cook, director of the LUX arts agency in London.
AYAs range in age from 15-39, and about 70,000 of them are diagnosed with cancer each year (www.
The next one was for Dhs10 million in Al Ayas while the third one was for about Dhs4 million in Mahisanah Third.
Shahzad Nabi, 20, and Ayas Hussein, 24, flew into Heathrow where they were met by family and friends.
Aitken went to the Paris Ritz on September 17, 1993, where he met Said Ayas, a friend and the "fixer" for Prince Mohammed, the son of the Saudi King.