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also A·ye·sha  (ä′ē-shä′) c. 611-678.
The favorite wife of Muhammad. She led an unsuccessful revolt against his successor, Ali.


(ˈɑːiːˌʃɑː) or


(Biography) ?613–678 ad, the favourite wife of Mohammed; daughter of Abu Bekr


(ˈɑ iˌʃɑ)

A.D. 613?–678, favorite wife of Muhammad.
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The Japanese businessman claims that it was the multiple glasses of Burgundy, served at 20-minute intervals, which led him to beat his wife Ayisha, while the couple were walking through customs in December 2006.
Ayisha Al-Hamdi said women should be aware of their role in the nation's developmental activities.
Waheeda had arrived in Bahrain in 1987 when she was 17 years old with her sister Rasheeda, then 19, after their mother Kunipurayil Ayisha, who worked as housemaid, married her Bahraini sponsor.
Success at Small Heath School was led by Hesham Yafai with three grade A passes and Ayisha Zadgai with four A-levels at grades A to C.
Colvin, who finished behind Highland's Ayisha Noel (17-11 1/2), advances to the Southern Section preliminaries May 15.
Students with work on show are Chris Rigby, Tim Smith, Paul Smith, Ayisha Bibi, Laura Rayna, John Lewis, Pete Darkin, Agathi Tsoroni, Will Clewes, Tom Thornton, Kim Heath, Helen Price, Maria Farnan, Leon Hopper, Anne McLean and James Tebbutt.
I called him to complain and say it was unjust, what had just happened," Richardson on Monday told a federal jury that will decide if the officers used excessive force against his relatives during a chaotic incident at the south Eugene home of his sister, Ayisha Elliott.
Underscoring the government's support for the event, this year's Home Show will be formally inaugurated by Ayisha Khalfan Jameel Al Siyabiah, president of the Public Authority of Craft Industries, a company release stated.
Jailing 19-year-old Ayisha Johnson for a year, Judge Frank Chapman told her: "You used force and threats and you robbed these two 13-year-old girls.
Two sophomores have been essential to Highland's success: hurdler Ayisha Noel and sprinter/jumper Mika Hogains.
CHARLOTTE BALLET ACADEMY Ayisha McMillan Cravotta, Academy Director Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux, Artistic Director Patricia McBride, Master Teacher 701 N.
Wiederrick; Joseph and Vina Mungra; Ayisha Elliott and Mohamed Soumath; James and Carrie A.