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A family of languages spoken by the Aymara, primarily in the highlands of Bolivia and Peru.
Of or relating to the Aymara or their language or culture.
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The betrayal by an Aymaran president against a majority indigenous population could be felt palpably, with words denouncing President Morales strewn throughout its public spaces (Figure 8).
President Evo Morales, an ethnic Aymaran who first earned his fame in national politics as the secretary general of the coca-growers union, is the literal embodiment of the MAS as a political movement.
(18) More specifically: Afro-Asiatic, Arawakan, Australian, Austronesian, Aymaran, Dravidian, Japanese, Kartvelian, Khoisan, Matacoan, Mayan, Indo-European, Niger-Congo, Sino-Tibetan, Siouan and Uralic.
Table 1: Languages considered by Crevels and Van der Voort (2008) Name Family Baure ARAWAKAN Aymara AYMARAN Wari' CHAPACURAN Arikapu MACRO-JE (JABUTI) Moseten MOSETENAN Lakonde NAMBIKWARAN Chacobo PANOAN Bol.
The indigenous Aymaran people of Bolivia, for example, view the world in an entirely different way to us.
of Hawaii) and Grondona (Eastern Michigan U.) have brought together 11 contributions pertaining to the history, classification, and endangerment of the indigenous languages of South America as well as typological characteristics, phonetics and phonology, and some specifics of Chibchan languages, the Cariban family, Tupian, Quechuan and Aymaran, and languages of the Chaco and southern cone.
It is embodied by the Aymaran philosophy of "living well," which I discovered in Bolivia.
(4.) The presidency of Evo Morales, an Aymaran Indian, faces
After President Morales, an Aymaran Indian, accused the Peruvian government of "genocide" in the protests, Peru withdrew its ambassador from that country.
Relationships: Aymaran. Present state of the language: ENDANGERED.
Directed by Alejandro Landes, it follows Aymaran Indian Evo Morales' campaign to become the first president of Bolivia from an indigenous tribe.
FELLOW AYMARAN INDIAN CANDIDATES Pascual Condori and Genaro Mamani of the Jach'a Suya Pakajaqi (Territory of the Red Eagle Men) political party, unfurling a flag flown by their Andean forefathers, campaign in the Bolivian Andes for a city council seat.