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n.1.See Aerie.
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7b, horn: Ayrie's pooder horn wus i' the pooch on his ither side; bit he teuk hid oot an' stappid hid i' his breest pooch (Dennison 1880)
The nearly-nude bodies of these Ariels seem to read "ayrie spirit" as the human form at its most exposed and vulnerable, as if the best way to represent "spirit" is through exposing the vulnerability of the human flesh, even if Ariel is specifically a non-human spirit trapped in the body of Prospero's servant, or the body of an actor.
An ideal portrait sounds less disciplining than Garner's blueprint, and yet in the case of an actor playing the "ayrie spirit" Ariel, an actor may wonder if his job is to create a character who is "real," that is, naturalistic, understandable, human, or to create a character who is fundamentally unnatural, incomprehensible, that is, unreal.
The First Folio's dramatis personae defines Ariel as an "ayrie sprit" and lists the role not with the men but after Miranda and before the spirit goddesses of the masque.
Ye ayrie witts, subtill, [Iudiciuous], Since that few schollers fortunes are content, Wonder not if our scene ends discontent.
Yet this imagery of confession is necessary before he again can ascend from what Sack does in an earthly sense--"confirm[s] my zeale" (42) and "double[s] my affection" (43)--to Sack's uplifting, deifying effects: "thou mak'st me ayrie, active to be born" (49) and "Thou mak'st me nimble ...
Thou mak'st me ayrie, active to be born, Like Iphyclus, upon the tops of Corn.
Top money of pounds 568 went to Steve Ianson, from Yorkshire, with David Ayrie, of Newcastle, second and another Yorkshire, Paul Short, third.
Making it a point to inspire change and social transformation, Dakila Spokesperson Ayeen Karunungan gave a comprehensive crash-course on advocacy communications followed by a talk on project management by Communications Manager Ayrie Ching, capped off by Executive Director Leni Velasco's discussion on the finer points of effective and creative project planning and communication strategy.
Under medieval Catholicism, Denham admits, "Religion" dwelled in a "lazy Cell" and in "ayrie contemplations." For Denham, however, such peccadilloes pale in comparison to the raging vices of Protestantism.
The money, raised during a summer fete, was donated to the Ayries Society to pay for care and health education in the Dalit community.
In addition effective practices prevent conduct problems also have demonstrated efficacy (Conduct Disorders Prevention Research Group, 1999a, 1999b) as well as practices to lessen the overall level of antisocial behavior in school (Burke, Ayries, & Hagan-Burke, 2003; Carr, Dunlap, Horner, Keogel, Tunbull, Sailor, Anderson, Albin, Keogel, & Fox, 2002; Tobin, Lewis-Palmer & Sugai, 2001).