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A city of northeast India on the Ganges River northwest of Kolkata. The capital of Asoka's empire in the 3rd century bc, it is now the capital of the state of Bihar.


(Placename) a city in NE India, capital of Bihar state, on the River Ganges: founded in the 5th century bc; university (1917); centre of a rice-growing region. Pop: 1 376 950 (2001)


(ˈpʌt nə, ˈpæt-, ˈpʌtˈnɑ)

the capital of Bihar state, in NE India, on the Ganges. 917,243.
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20 crore and Government Special Education Centre Azeemabad, Burewala, which has been completed with an amount of Rs.
20 crore and the Government Special Education Centre Azeemabad completed with an amount of Rs8.
The boy has been identified as Ali Manzoor, a resident of Azeemabad.
Ali Manzoor, the victim is a resident of Azeemabad.