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n. pl. A·zer·is
1. A member of a traditionally Shiite Muslim people of Azerbaijan and adjacent areas of Armenia and northern Iran; an Azerbaijani.
2. The Azerbaijani language.

[Turkish azerî, from Persian āzarī, from āzarbaijān, northwest Iran, from Arabization of Persian āzarbāyigān, alteration of āzarbādgān, from Middle Iranian āturpātakān, ultimately after Aturpāt, Atropates, the satrap of Media who became an ally of Alexander the Great and founded a dynasty that ruled northwest Iran, from the Old Iranian name Atərəpāta-, literally "protected by fire" : *ātar-, fire; see āter in Indo-European roots + pāta-, protected (from pā-, to protect); see pā- in Indo-European roots.]


(Peoples) short for Azerbaijani1


(ˌæz ər baɪˈdʒɑ ni, ˌɑ zər-)

also Az`er•bai•ja′ni•an,

n., pl. -ja•nis also -ja•ni•ans,
adj. n.
1. a member of a Turkic people living mainly in Azerbaijan and NW Iran.
2. the Turkic language of the Azerbaijanis.
3. of or pertaining to Azerbaijan, its people, or their language.
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Noun1.Azeri - an ethnic group living in Azerbaijan
ethnic group, ethnos - people of the same race or nationality who share a distinctive culture
azerbaidžanilainenazeriazerin kieli
Azerazerski jezik
azerbaidžaniečiaiazerbaidžaniečiųazerbaidžaniečių kalbaazerbaidžanietėazerbaidžanietės
azerazerălimba azeră


A. ADJazerí
B. N
1. (= person) → azerí mf
2. (Ling) → azerí m
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It concluded that "the significant increase in voter turnout and the transparency of voting and counting procedures demonstrate another step forward taken by the Republic of Azerbaijan towards free, fair and democratic elections and that the results of this vote express the will of the Azerbaijani people.
It has occupied a unique place in the literature, folklore and art of the Azerbaijani people since ancient times.
The report concludes: "So far, despite the EITI, the Azerbaijani people are still in the dark about the decision-making process for significant extractive deals and cannot see where substantial amounts earned from the country's resources are going".
Democratic development is a conscious choice and irreversible path of Azerbaijani people.
It is important for these powers to know that the Azerbaijani people is capable of defending their independence from all foreign threats and potential interventions," said Imanov.
I think neither Iranian nor Azerbaijani people have separatist thoughts.
Similarly, in 2009 President Ilham Aliyev noted in a speech that "the Azerbaijani people are proud to be Muslim, as Islam is a religion personifying the best of all values.
A genocide against humanity- Intigam Babayev, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sport of Azerbaijan, told, "Khojaly massacre was not only committed against Azerbaijani people but also against humanity.
Iranian ambassador to Azerbaijan, for his part, said that Azerbaijani people have greatly welcomed Iranian products adding that once the meeting of Iran-Azerbaijan joint economic commission is held in near future, existing bans and limitations on the way of bilateral ties will be removed.
Firstly, the Armenian-Azerbaijani clash in Karabagh which is, according to Kaufman, the outcome of clashes between an Armenian nation obsessed with its history of genocide, and the Azerbaijani people who were mobilized by emotive slogans in the sort of "Freedom for the heroes of Sumgait" (pp.
The issue of Russian ethnicity is set alongside the important relations that developed between the settlers and the indigenous Georgian, Armenian, and Azerbaijani people.