Azimuth circle

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one of the great circles of the sphere intersecting each other in the zenith and nadir, and cutting the horizon at right angles.
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Abi Mansur observed the sun around the time of the autumnal equinox on Sunday, 25 Murdhakth 198 of the Yazdgirdi era (September 19, 829); he then found it by the azimuth circle, da'irat al-samtiyya, to be on Virgo 29;43." Al-Maghribi, Talkhis, fol.
Ensign John Guzman uses an azimuth circle aboard USS Kauffman (FFG 59) during leapfrog exercises with the Royal Navy off the coast of Peru.
There over the disc, an azimuth circle 6 is located, it is for orientation of the device to the azimuth coordinates (they can further be processed into the geographical coordinates of the sources of a registered signal, or the celestial coordinates of it if it is located in the cosmos).