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Noun1.Azollaceae - used in some classifications for the genus Azolla
fern family - families of ferns and fern allies
Filicales, order Filicales, order Polypodiales, Polypodiales - true (leptosporangiate) ferns
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caroliniana is endemic to the tropical America, belongs to the Azollaceae family and can be used in toxicity tests (Guimaraes, Aguiar, Oliveira, Silva, & Karam, 2012; Silva, Cruz, Neto, & Pitelli, 2012).
Azolla is a small free floating aquatic fern belong to Phylum-Pteridophyta, Class Polypodiopsida, Order Salviniales, Family Azollaceae with a monotypic genus (Wagnar, 1997).
halli X Panicum hians X Paspalum dilatatum X Paspalum floridanum X Phalaris caroliniana X Setaria geniculata X Setaria parviflora X Setaria reverchonii X Sorghum halpense X Sporobolus 1 X Tridens flavus X X Tripsacum dactyloides X X Ferns Azollaceae (water ferns) Azolla carolianiana X X Table 3--Mean (6 SD) abundance of forbs in each transect at Cowleech Prairie Preserve, Hunt County, Texas, autumn 2003.
ST) Azollaceae Clark Switzerland Bothriochloa laguroides (DC.