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1. In Aztec legend, the original home of the Aztec people, held to have been located in northwest Mexico.
2. The American Southwest, specifically the territory of northern Mexico ceded to the United States by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848. The term is used especially by Chicano-rights activists.
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They are Heart of Aztlan (1976) and Tortuga (1979).
With the slow erosion of the Chicano movement of the '60s, these days the idea of Aztlan is largely kept alive by Chicano theatre, whose oldest organization, TENAZ (Teatros Nacionales de Aztlan), held its 16th festival at the extraordinary Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, deep in the heart of San Antonio's impoverished West Side barrio.
Valdez has dramatized the type of popular Mexican American ballad called the corrido and has written mitos, a form using fantastic elements of his Aztlan cultural heritage, but most of this work has not yet been published.
En el capitulo cuarto, se discute el significado de la migracion mexica de Aztlan a Chapoltepec, enfatizando la pretension de unicidad de los mexicas frente a los otros pueblos del Valle de Mexico.
com will celebrate its 3rd birthday on January 27th, at the historical Aztlan Theater in downtown Denver, with the majority of the industry present.
CACAMA: Tu prisionero soy, Malinche, / Aztlan esta a tus pies, / matame de una vez.
La fiesta de musica, actuacion y linguistica se complementa con la actuacion del Colectivo Tlaltikpak, danza ritual de Tlahuac, y El Circo Aztlan con sus boleadoras de fuego y sus cocos encendidos.
Despite the fact that Hutchinson lets us know that Tucson, Arizona, an Aztlan state, has been welcoming cultural space for many Mexican-Americans, there are still many social tensions, and cultural barriers that restrict the mobility of a greater Latinized culture.
devasto el corazon de la noble, leal y desafiante ciudad fundada en 1325 por un grupo venido desde la mitica Aztlan.
The radical Aztlan "reconquista" movement sprang not only from MEChA, but also from the La Raza Unida (The Race United) Party and the Southwest Council of La Ram (SCLR), which was NCLR's name before it went national.
CACAMA Tu prisionero soy, Malinche, Aztlan esta a tus pies, matame de una vez.
Camerino Reyes, a former player for Aztlan, a soccer team in the Massaya soccer league, was arrested in San Diego after his family called police, LAPD Detective Chuck Lenane said Tuesday.