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 (sī′ə-nō′kō-băl′ə-mĭn, sī-ăn′ō-)


(ˌsaɪənəʊkəʊˈbæləmɪn) or


(Biochemistry) a complex red crystalline compound, containing cyanide and cobalt and occurring in liver: lack of it in the tissues leads to pernicious anaemia. Formula: C63H88O14N14PCo. Also: vitamin B12
[C20: from cyano- + cobal(t) + (vit)amin]

vitamin B1


vitamin B2


vitamin B3


vitamin B6


vitamin B12

a complex water-soluble solid, C63H88N14O14PCo, obtained from liver, milk, eggs, fish, oysters, and clams: a deficiency causes pernicious anemia and disorders of the nervous system. Also called cyanocobalamin, cobalamin, extrinsic factor.
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Noun1.cyanocobalamin - a B vitamin that is used to treat pernicious anemiacyanocobalamin - a B vitamin that is used to treat pernicious anemia
B complex, B vitamin, B-complex vitamin, vitamin B, vitamin B complex, B - originally thought to be a single vitamin but now separated into several B vitamins


n. cianocobalamina, vitamina B12 usada en el tratamiento de la anemia perniciosa.


n cianocobalamina, vitamina B12
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Lochte was competing for the first time since the recent end of a 14-month suspension for receiving an infusion of vitamin B-12 above the allowable limit.
Vitamin B-12 plays a huge role in your appetite, where a deficiency will have you ending up with no interest to eat.
Additionally, one serving provides 15 percent of the DRI of pantothenic acid and 82 percent of B-12.
"You can't just decide to become vegan and be healthy, you need real planning to make sure there will not be any vitamin deficiencies." Hameed said the top three vitamin and mineral deficiencies that often result in vegans who do not plan ahead, are vitamin B-12, calcium and iron.
Scientists randomly assigned 5,442 women to take high daily doses of vitamin B-6 (50 milligrams), vitamin B-12 (1,000 micrograms), and folic acid (2,500 meg), or a placebo.
For example, we used to think that deficiencies of vitamin B-12 were rare except among strict vegetarians or people with an autoimmune disease called pernicious anaemia.
He said ostrich meat is rich in Omega III, B-6, B-12,insulin and Vitamin-E and it is declared very useful for muscles,heart,bones and joints.
Intake of niacin, folate, vitamin B-6, and vitamin B-12 through young adulthood and cognitive function in midlife: the Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults (CARDIA) study.
For scale B-1 the rate of monthly subscription would be Rs 337, B-2 Rs 596, B-3 Rs 646, B-4 Rs 692, B-5 Rs 745, B-6 Rs 798, B-7 Rs 844, B-8 Rs 897, B-9 Rs 951, B-10 Rs 1012, B-11 Rs 1081, B-12 Rs 1851, B-13 Rs 2010, B-14 Rs 2194, B-15 Rs 2425, B-16 Rs 2806, B-17 Rs 3579, B-18 Rs 4471, B-19 Rs 5998, B-20 Rs 6693, B-21 Rs 7426 and B-22 Rs 8210.
Take one last week warning that women exposed to too much of the ubiquitous vitamins folate and B-12 during pregnancy face an increased risk of having an autistic child.
The ultra-strength formula, which comes in the form of an easy-to-swallow rapid-release capsule, provides the benefits of apple cider vinegar, as well as those of such key ingredients as vitamin B-12 and chromium, according to the company, which says the formula has been designed to support consumers' weight management goals as part of a healthy lifestyle.
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