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Noun1.B-horizon - immediately below the A-horizonB-horizon - immediately below the A-horizon; contains deposits of organic matter leached from surface soils
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However, in the case of Yellow soils, the subsoil organic carbon storage was lower than in the A-horizon soil because of the higher SOC content of A-horizon soils, thinner soil thickness of B-horizon soils and weaker leaching compared with other soils.
la) and steady-state infiltration rates (Table 1) occur above and below the ~B boundary at this site, and extensive mottling and columnar structure suggested low hydraulic conductivity in the B-horizon.
Cumulative TDN loads correlated with fine sand content in the A-horizon and silt and fine sand content in the B-horizon; TDP loads were mainly negatively correlated with clay content in the B-horizon; TP and TSS loads had similar negative correlations with clay contents in the B-horizon (Table 6).
1d from STI, a cross-section of about l km length, showed a large variation in depth to B-horizon ranging from areas with clay almost at the surface to a sandy A horizon extending down to 0.
Soil data for the area indicate that a strongly duplex soil profile exists, with the ratio of A-horizon to B-horizon conductivity >1000, so the potential for local perching is high.
At Gatum, 8 locations along a representative toposequence were selected for piezometer installation along the top of the B-horizon in 1987 (Fig.