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A list

or A-list  (ā′lĭst′)
n. Informal
A list or group of the most admired or desirable people, as for a job or social gathering: a private party for Hollywood's A list.

A′-list′ adj.
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Noun1.A-list - a list of names of specially favored peopleA-list - a list of names of specially favored people; "the boss gave me his A-list of people we should try to recruit"
list, listing - a database containing an ordered array of items (names or topics)
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Total quantity or scope: The acquisition is the EU threshold in excess of a secondary service contracts in accordance with the B-list.
Jordon Ibe is not on the list, but will still be eligible for the group stage as he is on the Reds' B-list.
I remember getting excited when Vic Galloway, of BBC Introducing, played the singles from Vivaerium on his radio show, being ecstatic when Fearne Cotton played Free on her Radio 1 show and it going from C-List to B-List to A-List and the shows going from the QMU to the ABC to the O2 Academy to two nights in the Barrowland.
Entrance to the Indie Lounge is an exclusive, invite-only experience designed to indulge A-list celebrities, B-list entertainers and press and media outlets from around the globe with luxury gifting, as well as the opportunity for independent filmmakers, musicians and affluent industry professionals to connect and collaborate.
The series follows Cherish, a washed up B-list actress desperate for fame and relevance who is filming a reality TV show).
Not only has the newly married singer had to fend off competition from her former X Factor protege Cher Lloyd, she's also had to contend with the nation's leading pop station relegating her comeback single to its B-List.
One tradition of the B-List rock bands was to talk like Americans - even if they hailed from Barnsley
Every C-list "star" seeking promotion to the B-list knows the quickest way to get in the tabloids is to flash some flesh.
Dancing With the Stars annually is among the top-rated US TV shows with a formula that pairs B-list celebrities, sports stars and singers with professional dancers performing sambas, cha-cha-chas and waltzes across a ballroom floor.
1 so that it could negotiate the deal's remaining B-list items.
So this time they give us two bairns in a story which pairs B-list stars Ryan Reynolds (Mitch Planko) with Jason Bateman (Dave Lockwood), old friends who wish they'd taken the other's path in life.