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Noun1.B. F. Skinner - United States psychologist and a leading proponent of behaviorism (1904-1990)
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The behaviorism movement, started by people such as John Watson, PhD, was a prominent force at that time, with notable psychologists such as B.
A way to model that in research is the use of the operant conditioning boxes, originally named "Skinner boxes," in reference to B.
Over the previous two years, I had been learning about the exciting new developments in clinical psychology and education that were resulting from the use of the behavioral principles that B.
In particular, DeepMind had used a technique called reinforcement learning, which is inspired by the work of animal psychologists such as B.
He discusses technologies that replicate traditional learning experiences, such as the classroom lecture and books, including correspondence courses in the late 19th century, educational radio and television, online videos, and screencasting; programmed instruction, through the perspectives of Sidney Pressey and B.
As any student who had completed a course in Psychology 101 in his undergrad years would tell you (and this columnist had), this antiquated theory is based on the Skinnerian model of SR (stimulus-response), devised in the 1950s by the Harvard University behavioral psychologist B.
The story goes that either Julian Huxley or Erich Fromm left the AHA when it named B.
Chomsky upended the field of linguistics with a devastating critique of B.
A biopsychologist and naturalist who studied with B.
Wilson, who had been born and brought up in Philadelphia, where her parents had placed her in a temperature-controlled "Baby Tender" box (or "air crib"), designed by the behaviorist B.
Then my sister's husband (an aspiring psychologist whose preference for graduate school over employment my father wasn't wild about) suggested I read Beyond Freedom and Dignity by B.