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And here is my dear old Bac"; and she laid hold of the horns of a reindeer, that had a bright copper ring round its neck, and was tethered to the spot.
Bonacieux called a long time; but as such cries, on account of their frequency, brought nobody in the Rue des Fossoyeurs, and as lately the mercer's house had a bad name, finding that nobody came, he went out continuing to call, his voice being heard fainter and fainter as he went in the direction of the Rue du Bac.
"Patience," said Athos, whose eyes were fixed in the direction of the Rue du Bac, "patience; I see an abbe cuffing a man, then bowing to a woman; it must be Aramis."
A large circular piece taken from the bac is roasted on the embers with the hide downwards and i the form of a saucer, so that none of the gravy is lost If any worthy alderman had supped with us that evening "carne con cuero," without doubt, would soon have bee celebrated in London
Quand un bon vin meuble mon estomac, Je suis plus savant que Balzac - Plus sage que Pibrac ; Mon brass seul faisant l'attaque De la nation Coseaque, La mettroit au sac ; De Charon je passerois le lac, En dormant dans son bac ; J'irois au fier Eac, Sans que mon cœur fit tic ni tac, Présenter du tabac.
While BAC has plummeted from 45 to 13, I cannot really table pound a bottom as it is impossible to model the bank amid such seismic shifts in the credit wasteland.
Ignition interlock devices are in-vehicle breathalyzers that will prevent the vehicle from starting if the driver's BAC exceeds a pre-set limit, which is typically below the legal limit of 0.08 percent to allow for margin of error.
The BAC Colonnade is a 207,000-square-foot, 11-story, class A office building located at the prime intersection of Ponce de Leon Boulevard and Miracle Mile in the heart of Coral Gables.
Bac 50--Bac 120 (with moulded eutectic plate support)--Bac 150--Bac 250--Bac 260--Bac 480 (1200 x 1000 pallet format)--Bac 600 (1200 x 1200 pallet format).
St Cyres in Penarth was one of the first pilot centres in Wales to offer the Bac, in 2003.
Although rates for these incidences have been decreasing over the past several years, the decreases are predominantly in crash rates for those with blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels between .01 and .07.