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1. bacteriology.
2. bacterium.
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To implement the BACT standard, EPA uses a five-step, top-down
general guidance on how to determine BACT for GHG emissions in its PSD
BACT supporter Graham Williamson, who first learned to swim at the pool in 1943, welcomed the decision and said: "There is a lot of nostalgia for these baths.
determining BACT, and it reviews permits issued by the states.
In contrast, grandfathered plants can use the ten-year-old BACT requirements.
BACT standards must be at least as stringent as any applicable NSPS standard.
Two regulatory approaches for evaluation are presented: EPA top-down approach, which includes the following steps: 1) identify available strategies; 2) eliminate technically infeasible options; 3) rank remaining control options by control effectiveness; 4) evaluate energy, environmental, and economic impacts; and 5) select BACT (best available control technology).
The past mindset has stymied research and development that could have produced new methods of controls and treatment at much less cost to industry while attaining equal or superior results to that of requiring BACT as the permitting criteria.
Where new source performance standards had been promulgated, determinations of BACT would be controlled.
Ben Harrison from BACT said: "We are really disappointed that once again some Wirral councillors have moved the goalposts with regard to the reopening of Byrne Avenue Baths and are proceeding to try to get the building de-listed with a view to demolition.