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British anti-lewisite


abbreviation for
(Elements & Compounds) British anti-lewisite. See dimercaprol




 Cornwall. a collection of mines.
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Bal. To the field, then -- to the field -- To the senate or the field.
Bal. Give not thy soul to dreams: the camp -- the court, Befit thee -- Fame awaits thee -- Glory calls -- And her the trumpet-tongued thou wilt not hear In hearkening to imaginary sounds And phantom voices.
Bal. Thou speakest a fearful riddle I will not understand.
Bal. The song is English, and I oft have heard it In merry England -- never so plaintively -- Hist!
Bal. The hour is growing late -- the Duke awaits use -- Thy presence is expected in the hall Below.
"Say, old man," he whispered in his ear,--they were sitting side by side now in the Bal Tabarin,--"if you are going on like this, Heaven knows where you'll land at the end of it all!
Coulson, who was getting tired of his part, suddenly sat up, and a soberer man had never occupied that particular chair in the Bal Tabarin.
Lermontoff's Bal Masque is based on that idea--a stupid and unnatural one, in my opinion; but he was hardly more than a child when he wrote it."
"To the Bal Bullier?" repeated Newman, for whom the words at first meant nothing.
Several times she sent me to give the General an airing in the streets, even as she might have done with a lacquey and her spaniel; but, I preferred to take him to the theatre, to the Bal Mabille, and to restaurants.
First, moving with all care, I gradually baled out the coracle with my sea-cap; then, getting my eye once more above the gunwale, I set myself to study how it was she managed to slip so quietly through the rollers.
The three big fellows spoke to one another in odd guttural tones, and the man who had waited for us on the beach began chattering to them excitedly--a foreign language, as I fancied--as they laid hands on some bales piled near the stern.