BASE jump

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BASE jump

also base jump  (bās)
A parachute jump from a high structure or a precipitous earth formation.

[b(uilding) + a(ntenna tower) + s(pan) + e(arth) + jump.]

BASE′-jump′ v.
BASE jumper n.
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THE family of the base jumper who plunged to his death after three hours stranded on a cliff accused Greek 999 crews yesterday of not acting fast enough.
Second place went to Aussie base jumper Robert Fry who leaped off a cliff in the Blue Mountains with iron, board, laundry and parachute.
The 33-year-old skydiver and Base jumper made a name for himself in 1999 by setting a record for a parachute jump from top of the 450m (1,500ft) Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, at the time the tallest building in the world.
Wioletta had travelled the world as a professional base jumper after taking up skydiving when she was 19.
A base jumper survived a 260-metre fall from the top of an Australian waterfall after his parachute failed to open properly, an official said.
Trainee outdoor instructor Simon Fox of Plas y Brenin, Capel Curig, was selected to appear in the trailer for the BBC Grandstand programme posing as a base jumper.
PRO base jumper Andy West, from New Zealand, is trying a spectacular challenge - to base jump from the 102m high Pipeline Suspension Bridge in Queenstown.
A BASE jumper who attempted to parachute from the Empire State Building is being sued by its owners for pounds 6million.
But an Irish Base jumper has lashed out at Dumont for revealing the locations of his jumps - as it will spoil it for Irish enthusiasts.
A base jumper should thank his stars for surviving a fall from a 246-foot-tall building when his parachute failed to open, leaving him to crash on the floor.

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