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(ˈeɪˈwʌn) ,




1. (Military) in good health; physically fit
2. informal first-class; excellent
3. (Nautical Terms) (of a vessel) with hull and equipment in first-class condition
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[ˈeɪˈwʌn] ADJde primera clase, de primera categoría
to feel A1estar muy bien
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The expression profile of apoptosis-related genes in CTC-MCC-41 cells suggests that the balance between anti- (BCL2A1) and pro-apoptotic factors (BIK, BAX, BCL2L11, BCL2L14, and BCL2L15) could be critical in CTCs.
DE genes Samples Upregulated Downregulated C versus Pcdhgb2 Ubd, Ttr, M [intersection] F Cxcl9, Serpina3n, versus Irg1, Odf1, Trpv4 M [intersection] A versus M F versus Ifit1, AABR06089930.1, M [intersection] C LOC100912860 Cd80, versus M Tfec, Il1rn A versus Alas2, Plac8, C3, M [intersection] C Angptl1, Bcl2a1, S100a4, versus M Cndp1 Il15ra, Ptprcap, Lgals3, Ccl2, LOC691141, Ptx3, Itgal, Pram1, Hk3, Pate4, A2m F versus Ada, Hsf5, Rn50_1_2682.1, M [intersection] A Slc16a12 Cd22 versus M Table 3: Common significant GO terms for DE genes.
We have recently documented that an unexpected member of the BCL2 family, BCL2A1, is involved in the survival of GMIC [13].
Most notably, the BH3 mimetic has the highest affinity for BCL2, BCL-XL, and BCL-W, but only a poor affinity for MCL1 and BCL2A1. (45) Thus, not surprisingly, resistance to ABT-263 has been linked to high MCL1 expression in tumor cells.