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(word root) earth, land
Examples of words with the root geo-: geography


(ˈdʒiːəʊ) or


n, pl geos or gios
(Physical Geography) (esp in Shetland) a small fjord or gully
[C18: from Old Norse gjā ravine; related to Old English gionian to yawn]
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Comelec Commissioner Rowena Guanzon said that the commission en banc has already approved, in a vote of 5-1-1, the lease of BGANs through direct contracting with Smartmatic International.
The Hughes 9211-HDR combined portable/mobile satellite terminal can easily dock with a Class 10 or Class 11 mobile antenna to support BGAN communications on-the-move.
Now that satellite phones, and BGAN Internet modems are entering into a whole new era of smaller, and better devices, such as the Iridium Go
Its camera crews are equipped with Hughes HNS 9201 BGAN units which they used for live and store and forward transmissions from the field with the help of Quicklink software.
In follow-up visits, Gross wanted to learn how Cubans were using BGAN equipment, increase the number of users at each site and boost security so they wouldn't be caught.
BGAN Link is available for a fixed monthly price in a choice of four data packages.
Satellite Spotlight is pleased to grant a 2011 Product of the Year Award to Hughes for its 9202 BGAN Land Portable satellite terminal.
BGAN is a mobile satellite offering that uses portable, lightweight terminals to provide video (guaranteed up to 384kbps streaming), high-speed data (up to 492kbps) and voice connectivity anywhere in the world.
Eugene Jilg, Inmarsat's chief technology officer, said: "The Inmarsat team is delighted that its engineering effort on BGAN has been acknowledged through the award.
BGAN revenue for the year increased by 33 per cent as a result of growth in subscribers and migration from older services.
0 can be used from locations throughout the world with only a camera, a computer with Media ClipWay software, and an Inmarsat BGAN to uplink broadcast-quality videos.
Inmarsat, a leading provider of mobile satellite communications services, will demonstrate its new and premium IP streaming service, BGAN X-Stream, at an upcoming technology show in Dubai.