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Noun1.BNS - a bachelor's degree in naval science
bachelor's degree, baccalaureate - an academic degree conferred on someone who has successfully completed undergraduate studies
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Lithuania's major TV service providers confirmed to BNS that they had taken RTR Planeta off the air on Friday, as ordered by the watchdog.
Presidential Decree 1569 mandates that one BNS should be assigned in each of the 48,000 barangays in the regions to serve as link between the community, service providers, and organizations working to improve the nutrition status in the barangays.
Also, the debt benefits from several structural features and its due date can be extended for 12 months upon a default by BNS, which makes its full repayment more likely.
This is absurd and will not stand in a court of law," said BNS president Rula Al Safar yesterday.
Ambitious national communications company Daisy Group acquired BNS at the end of March, raising questions about the future of 140 employees in Prudhoe and across the North East.
The Plaintiffs next sued for the recovered amount, alleging that BNS had breached their banking contracts.
Combining IPTV technology with sophisticated invisible dot-code printing and recognition technology, BNS Touch is an TV shopping system that converges the browsing convenience of printed information with the information-rich multimedia experience of the online world.
BNS RoomWise addresses hotels' and multi dwelling unit (MDU) developers' challenges of meeting customers' increasingly sophisticated expectations for high technology standards and comfort today and well into the future.
Inventor Doug Kirk, technical consultant at BNS, said: "VEP, as well as processing sludge waste streams, has the ability to encapsulate solid waste in an inactive grout or, if desired, encapsulate the solids in a radioactive sludge-rich grout.
BNS said it has combined its IP technology with mobile operator Vodafone's GSM network to offer a flexible and resilient communications platform that utilises one number for all devices.
However, it is becoming increasingly accepted the restricted track layout at BNS will make a relief station essential somewhere "in the near future" Where, for goodness' sake?
BNS Telecom stumped up the cash to help buy 40 headlamps with rechargeable battery packs needed to help volunteers.