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n.1.A board; a table.
2.(Mining) The face of coal parallel to the natural fissures.
1.See Bourd.
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BORD GAIS ENERGY TEAM OF THE YEAR: Jordan Henley (Wat); Conor Gleeson (Wat), Eoghan O'Donnell (Dub), Darragh Lyons (Wat); Micheal Harney (Wat), Austin Gleeson (Wat), Shane Barrett (Dub); Dan Nevin (Gal), Ronan Lynch (Lim); Shane Bennett (Wat), Brian Molloy (Gal), Andrew Coffey (Tipp); Patrick Curran (Wat), Stephen Bennett (Wat), Niall Mitchell (Wm).
BORD na Mona has claimed 96% of the power it generates by 2030 will be from renewables.
BORD Gais warned the Government two years ago that spending [euro]540million installing water meters would be money down the drain.