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1. Bachelor of Pharmacy
2. Bachelor of Philosophy
3. basis point
4. Baseball batting practice
5. before present (in radiocarbon dating, before 1950)
6. bills payable
7. birthplace
8. blood pressure
9. boiling point


abbreviation for
1. (of alcoholic density) below proof
2. boiling point
3. bishop


abbreviation for
1. (Pharmacology) blood pressure
2. (Pharmacology) British Pharmacopoeia


1. baptized.
2. birthplace.
3. bishop.


bills payable.


or BP,

before the present: (in radiocarbon dating) in a specified amount of time or at a specified point in time before A.D. 1950.


1. below proof.
2. boiling point.


1. =British Petroleum
2. =blood pressureTA


ABBR =Bishopob., obpo.
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in Cleveland will provide global marketing of the Amosorb oxygen-scavenger additive made by BP Amoco Chemical Co.
BP Amoco, Exxon Mobil, and Royal/Dutch Shell have all drawn up plans for chains of gas stations.
British oil giant BP Amoco is unlikely to launch a bid for exploration group BG International with crude oil prices at their current high levels.
The partners are BP Amoco (25%), Shell (25%) and Socar (50%).
An HSE spokesman said yesterday: "This is a clear message to BP Amoco and other companies.
Owing to the December merger, figures for BP Amoco were not available.
In a move cheered by consumer advocates in California, the Federal Trade Commission on Wednesday scuttled the proposed $30 billion merger between BP Amoco and Atlantic Richfield Corp.
BP Amoco, one of the world's leading energy companies, and PricewaterhouseCoopers, the world's largest professional services organization, recently announced a $200 million US, 10-year agreement to expand their global business process outsourcing (BPO) to include Canada, where BP Amoco is the largest producer of natural gas.
BP Amoco of London is to set to play a major role in a project to pipe Russian gas into China.
So we have gathered this year to witness the melding of BP Amoco with ARC0, a shotgun wedding in the sense that Alaska Gov.
In July 1999, with the BP Amoco amalgamation substantially complete and the Arco takeover a virtual certainty, Sir John Browne outlined BP Amoco's strategic development plans.